Problems with Streaming KSP on Linux with OBS


I play 64-bit Kerbal Space Program on Linux (Ubuntu 15.04 specifically). I love using a *lot* of mods!

I’ve tried streaming with OBS and have been experiencing some serious issues.

  1. KSP won’t use the monitor I want it to use. It’s a known issue, but mostly an annoyance. I have to switch from fullscreen to windowed mode, move the window and go fullscreen again. My Samsung TV is plugged into to the HDMI port of my graphics card because it has speakers. The Acer monitor is plugged into the DVI port of the graphics card and therefore is designated as “screen 1” by XWindows, even though I want it to be the main display. I’m pretty sure switching these two connections around would fix the problem, but I like to be able to output sound through the TV… thus I need to use the HDMI port for that display. Changes to the xconfig and Ubuntu monitors settings seem to be ignored… *sigh*
  2. The OBS preview window captures KSP correctly, but the KSP window itself stops updating; i.e. it looks like someone took a screenshot the moment the OBS preview started. I can’t play KSP through the tiny picture on the OBS preview window and end up having to switch to a virtual terminal and killing OBS and KSP. In addition, the framerate is abysmal. I hope/assume the capture issue is related to the framerate issue.



Displays SamsungTV Acer
Model Samsung Acer S23HL
Type 26 inch TV (720p) 23 inch monitor (1080p)
Use secondary primary
Here’s an image of my monitor setup… and my cat Nutmeg. 😉
  • nVidia GeForce GTX 760 (ASUS GTX760-DC2OC-2DG5)


  • Ubuntu 15.04
  • KSP 1.0.2 through Steam
  • OBS
  • nVidia proprietary drivers

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