Macross Quarter (MacrossF) vs. Daedalus-class battlecruiser (SG-1/SG-A)

I saw this comparison on another blog and thought I’d enter my own opinion.

I’m am an ardent fan of both franchises, so this is tough for me to call. I love hypothetical crossover
discussions, but usually mine are about the “good” side of one franchise vs the “bad” side of the other.

As fiction, there is really no canon source of technical information to my knowledge for either (other than rough approximations of size, etc.) Due to this, most information comes from plot/drama-induced anecdotal evidence and thus direct comparisons are pointless. I will however make some generalizations based upon my opinions.

I’ll start with the easier comparisons. The fighter craft – Valkyries vs. F-302s – are an easy win for Macross. The F-302s are based on older Terran/Tauri technology than the Valkyries, even if you remove the transformational abilities from the Valkyries list of features.

The advanced (and no doubt expensive) Terran/Tauri technology on the Daedalus-class battlecruiser falls into a similar category. The deciding factor is the Asgard and Gould (and Ancient/Alterran if you count the ZPM on the Odyssey) technology integrated into the Daedalus-class.

The spacefold technology in the Macross franchise has, if I understand correctly, been similar to the near-instantaneous “jump” drive used in BSG. However in Macross Frontier, they introduce the concept of a “fold fault”, a fault-line in the fabric of hyperspace that requires a detour around by dropping into normal space. In addition, it is implied that FTL travel in Macross Frontier seems less instantaneous and more like traditional warp drive as in Star Trek. I believe this was chosen to add tension, another plot/drama requirement that ruined the fictional laws of physics.

The Asgard beaming technology would no doubt be a considerable point in the Daedalus-class favor that would in the outset have no counter.

On the matter of the main weaponry for each vessel…. the Asgard design has the benefit of a design by a significantly more advanced society. However in Macross Frontier, the main weapon on the Quarter is assumed to be a variant of the Macross Cannon, which had its origin – I believe – in Zentraedi/Meltrandi and ultimately Protoculture technology. I don’t know which Asgard/Protoculture is more ancient or technologically advanced… and for the sake of this discussion, I don’t think it matters. In any case, the main energy weapons for both are so suffieciently OP that again a comparison is pointless.

Point defenses imo are a win for Macross as well. I don’t have any quantifiable evidence for this. I believe the UN Spacy/New UN Spacy has had more experience in large space battles than the SGC and in addition I doubt the targeting systems for the railguns on the Daedalus are as good as those on the Quarter, or its complement of Destroids.

To sum it up… I’ll ruin it for you and say that each ship was designed in the bubble of its own franchise and has pros and cons which suit each. Mixing the laws of physics each franchise has is pretty much an exercise in futility/insanity. Overall I’d give most advantages to the Quarter, except for the OP tech of the beaming technology.

I would prefer to envision these two vessels cooperating in a crossover confrontation against a similar pairing of their enemies.

I guess I’m lazy and a whimp for not calling out a clear favorite.

I welcome opinions….


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